Agreements Signed In Uganda

The first direct contact between Uganda and the outside world came with the arrival of Arab-Muslim traders from Zanzibar in 1884. In 1877, the first missionaries of the Anglican Church of England arrived in Buganda, followed two years later by Catholics. [3] It was remarkable that British colonial officials entered Uganda through a centralized kingdom and not through a number of separate societies, as they had done elsewhere in East Africa. [3] I know that MEPs will share my satisfaction, that the way now seems open for a fresh start in Buganda and that the reconstruction of the Protectorate Executive and Legislative Council, decided last November, can now take place in the hope of a quick participation of Buganda. The representatives of Buganda Lukiko clearly presented to me the views of the Lukiko on the composition of the Executive Council and maintained these views. I have taken these views into account, but it is an issue that concerns the protectorate as a whole, on which the decision must rest solely with Her Majesty`s government constitutionally. The governor, who has been closely linked to myself with his advisers in all these negotiations, is now on his way back to the protectorate and I have authorized him to implement the central reforms upon his return. Early next week, a message I sent him about this will be published and a copy will be deposited in the library. The Lukiko, or a commission of it, is a court of appeal of the decisions of the trial courts held by the leaders of the counties. In all cases involving property over $5 or imprisonment of more than one week, an appeal for review may be made to Lukiko. In all cases involving property or debts worth more than $100 or death sentences, Lukiko refers the case to the Kabaka review, the decision of which is final when the main representative of Her Majesty in Uganda is signed. It was necessary to implement Baganda`s wish to see Kabaka return as soon as possible and the new agreement would enter into force, signalling it to Buganda with the advice of Her Majesty`s Government that the new situation provided for in the Foreign Minister`s statement to the House of Commons on 16 November 1954 must be created. bringing into full force the new constitutional rules for Buganda before Her Majesty`s government can accept the return of Kabaka.