Att Service Agreement

End of the election service. Monthly periodic fees for the voting service are not prorated. If you separate, cancel, change rates, or are suspended before the end of your monthly ATT billing cycle, you will be charged for the entire period of your billing cycle. If you update your AT-T dial service to an AT-T Internet service, your call fee will be billed on a pro-rata basis. At-T wireless Internet service requires you to subscribe to a wireless voice and/or data plan to be able to use one or both functions. Animal Shared Data Plan options allow you to share a monthly allocation of home wireless data usage between your Internet-connected devices. If the use of your data exceeds the monthly allocation of the data from the plan you selected during a billing period, overpayments can automatically be charged to you or your data may be slowed down, as outlined in your plan. If you don`t use the full monthly allocation of data for the plan you select during a billing period (or a rolling period, if any), you lose that usage. You can also add your WI device to your AT-T Mobile Share plan if the monthly allocation for the use of home wireless data as part of your AT-T Mobile Share plan is greater than or equal to 10GB, and select mobile sharing plans of 9GB or more. Because the service varies from start to finish, AT-T`s service speeds are limited and measured to the devices used to provide your Internet service to the address or location you identified when ordering the Internet service and at a point in the AT-T network, sometimes called “connection” or “Internet connection.” The connection is only a segment of the end-to-end transmission pathway that connects the end user to websites or content providers. You must respect the intellectual property rights of ATT, our third parties and all other intellectual property owners whose protected property may appear on a website and/or a dialog box controlled by AT-T or accessible via the websites of ATT. With the exception of material in the public domain, all material that is displayed in connection with the service is protected or protected by copyright.

With the exception of personal and non-commercial use, trademarked and copyrighted documents cannot be copied, downloaded, reloaded, modified or exploited in any way without the owner`s consent. The RIM and BlackBerry families with related trademarks, images and symbols are exclusive properties and trademarks or trademarks of Research In Motion Limited – used with permission. Well, the Good logo and GoodLink are trademarks of Good Technology, Inc., in the United States and/or in other countries. Good Technology, Inc. and its products and services are not related to, are sponsored by Research In Motion Limited or are associated with you. All other brands contained in this brand are the property of their respective owners. Requires an email account with a compatible Internet service provider and a downloaded or pre-installed messaging app for the wireless device. Mobile Email access and usage are billed based on your data plan based on the total volume of data sent and received (in kilobytes). Messaging facilities cannot be sent, downloaded, read or redirected to the mobile device.