Gst Rate On Construction Agreement

> effective GST rate for affordable housing has been reduced to 1%, without the ITC`s advantage over the previous effective rate of 8% with ITC. A new definition of “affordable housing” has been adopted. In the case of ongoing projects, construction projects are referred to as “affordable housing” under the pre-established regime, even if they do not meet the surface requirements (60 or 90 square metres) or 45 lakhs Rs., provided the developer has opted to pay taxes at new rates. As mentioned in the 12/17 report, construction/wood/flooring/iron work, etc. when services provided with equipment are removed from the GST with equipment to a contractor or if the work without equipment is not carried out. there is a cap for the payment at work of the various undivided works. the omposite supply of work contracts covered in Section 119 of Article 2 of the Central Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017, provided by construction, construction, commissioning or installation of original works related to, – a) railways, excluding monorails and subways; (b) a single dwelling unit that is not incorporated as part of a residential complex; (c) price-cost-houses up to 60 square metres per house as part of a housing project approved by the competent authority, set up as part of the Scheme of A ordable Housing in Housing Partnership of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Reduction, Government of India; Good morning, sir! It will not be fair for me to take a position on the tax rate without knowing the nature of the chemical used and other information. Therefore, without referrals agreement between you and the owner of the land, it is not possible to give my opinion with my clarity. Type in your e-mail i.d. I will make my article about JDA available to you for your clear understanding. Dear Sir, thank you for referring to my article, in reference to your qyery, here is my opinion as below: I run the general construction services of industrial buildings and the dwelling house its total torn about 25 lakhs. For the 2019-20 fiscal year. What is gst? Years: The GST rate applies to 18% I am obliged to pay yes or no.

Years: Yes, he has to register? Yes, he is obliged to get registration because his total turnover is Rs.20 Lakhs, please refer to his PAN CHIFFER (all revenues). According to the law, with regard to the enterprise contract falls under the services sector, therefore, more than Rs.20 Lakhs according to THE PAN I think it is possible to register. Sir, one. The enterprise contract provided by a contractor or subcontractor is a delivery to GST. 2. Whether or not a registration is required depends on the total turnover. 3. If you do pure work, subject to registration requirements, the general rate is 18% (see article). I doubt how building construction enters the delivery volume? Since it is not dealt with in section 7, paragraph 1, or calendar I. What is the GST rate for individual housing entrepreneurs who build the house in party land? You are entitled to the new 1% GST rate if the developer has not made use of the ability to pay taxes on the construction of housing at the old rate of 8%.