Rails Intergovernmental Agreement

Finally, the URC provides a framework for the development of the general conditions for the use of the infrastructure. CIT and RailNetEurope (RNE) are actively working to implement the General Terms of Use of Rail Infrastructure (E-GTC-I) with the help of the ERC, IUC and EIM. (c) “route” – from Tallinn to the Lithuanian-Polish border via Purnu-Riga-PaĆ©evea-Kaunas, including the Vilnius-Kaunas railway link; continue to promote the integration of the Rail Baltic/Rail Baltica project, all partners and project lines in relevant multilateral cooperation formats, such as the North-Baltic-Rail freight corridor, signed on 31 January 2017 in Tallinn, in a single copy in Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and English formats, all texts have the same effect and are kept in the archives. The custodian sends all contracting parties a certified copy of the agreement. In the case of a different interpretation, the English text is decisive. 3. The parties are committed to the most efficient and rational management of infrastructure in the aspects covered in this article, not limited to these, and infrastructure managers are established jointly and in a timely manner to build trust and ensure the ongoing commitment of the institutional partners of the project of common interest and to contribute to the sustainability of the Baltic Rail Baltic railways. (d) %quot%infrastructure manager%quot%: any authority or company within the meaning of the 2012/34/EU directive of the European Parliament and the Council of 21 November 2012 establishing a single European rail area; Disputes between the parties regarding the interpretation or application of this agreement are the subject of negotiations and consultations between the parties. ARTICLE 7 Land and Infrastructure Owners To develop new maritime and river transport services CIV and CIM: Practical information: insert new maritime and river transport services CIV and CIM.

For the purposes of this agreement, unless otherwise stated in context: 2. The parties agree that infrastructure managers have access to this country and infrastructure for use. 1. The agreement enters into force on the date on which the custodian received the last written notification through diplomatic channels from the contracting parties confirming that the national legal procedures necessary for the entry into force of this agreement have been completed.