Va Provider Agreements

Description of information needs and proposed use of information: Data collection is authorized at 38 U.S.C 1703A (f) (1) (1) and is required and is used to provide appropriate information in advance to VA when a company or provider intends to terminate an agreement to ensure continuity of care. Section 17.4115 defines the fundamental parameters of the implementation of agreements. In accordance with paragraph (a) of page 17.4115, it is stipulated that VA may only provide hospital care, medical care or extensive medical care through a VCA if such care or services are available to an insured person entitled to such care or services in accordance with Chapter 17 of U.C. The requirement of section 17.4115, paragraph 1, which provides that individuals are entitled to care or services, is consistent with Section 1703A (a) (1) (A). The general requirement of Section 1703A(a) (a) (A) of Article a bis, paragraph 2, of P. 17.4115 confirms that VA may only use care or service provision agreements if such care or services of the insured person are not possible through an agency, contract or sharing agreement. In paragraph 17.4115, paragraph 17.4115 essentially amends the language of Section 1703A, point a), but amends the fact that “only” agreements can be considered for their use after these other means of providing care services have been considered. We believe this reflects the clear intent of Section 1703A (a), which authorizes VA to use care purchase agreements in the Community only if such care is not possible through a DE agency or through a contract or sharing agreement. Paragraph 2 of the p. 17.4115 also contains the explicit qualifying language of Section 1703A (a) (a) (1) (1) (C), which provides that VA may take into account the person`s health, travel, type of care or services, or a combination of these factors when determining whether the provision of care and services through a contract or division agreement is not feasible or desirable. which, instead, justifies the use of an agreement.

In paragraph (b) of paragraph 17.4115, standards of conduct are set and not state.” for business practices for public servants as well as for institutions and suppliers. We note that we will not repeat the regulation textually below to explain its inclusion in the regulations, to avoid unnecessary duplication and because such a regulation is for the most part self-explanatory. In accordance with point b) (1) (i) of p. 17.4115, general parameters are established according to which government activity is carried out in a manner that is borne by the burden and, unless authorized by a statute or regulation, with total impartiality and preferential treatment for none.