Option Agreement Pharma

3. Overview of the options structure and evaluation agreement Important topics covered: 1. Introduction2. Trends in the Options and Evaluation Agreement2.1. Introduction2.2. Difference between option statements and financial statements2.2.1. Types of option agreements2.3. Options and valuation operations trends since 20142.3.1. Finding options and evaluations year after year since 20142.3.2. Options and evaluation agreement after development phase since 20142.3.3. The option and evaluation by branch since 20142.3.4. Option and evaluation since 20142.3.5. Options and evaluation-dealmaking by technology type since 20142.3.6.

Options and dealmaking by the most active company since 20142.4. Options2.4.1. Attributies of options-based financial statements2.4.2. Reasons for entering an options-based deal2.4.3. Exercise option 2.4.4.The future of options-based contracts2.5. Co-promotion options2.5.1. Co-promotion attributes in multi-component deals2.5.2. Reasons for including co-promotion options in a deal2.5.3.

Support for co-promotion rights2.5.4. Co-promotion rights as good deals2.5.5. The future of co-promotion under multi-component agreements2.6. Business acquisition options2.6.1. Case Study 1: Cephalon – Ception2.6.2. Case Study 2: Endo – Indevus2.6.3. The future of the business purchase option3. Overview of the structure of the 3.1 option and evaluation agreement. Introduction3.2. Structure of the option and evaluation agreement3.2. Examples of evaluation agreements3.2.1.a.

Case Study 3: Idenix Pharmaceuticals – Janssen Pharmaceuticals3.3. Option contract structure3.3.1. Examples of options agreements3.3.1.a. License Option Case Study 4: Biogen Idec – Isis Pharmaceuticals3.3.1.b. Application/territory extension possibility Case Study 5: Novartis -Prometheus3.3.1.c. Financing Option Case Study 6: Amarantus BioSciences- Power3 Medical Products3.3.1.d. Possibility of co-promotionCase-Studie 7: Teva – OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals3.3.1.e. Manufacturing/delivery option Case study 8: NPS Allelix – Nycomed3.4. Option to acquire the structure of the contract3.4.1. Examples of acquisition option clauses3.4.1.a. Case study 9: ViroPharma- Meritage Pharma3.4.1.b.

Case Study 10: Nuvasive – Progentix Orthobiology4.