Promissory Note Purchase Agreement

Buyers commit and agree to export and supply the company, as investors, share purchase agreements, investor rights agreements153 and/or other investor agreements in the context of qualified financing in general, as investors, and by providing the company with share purchase contracts, investors153 and/or other agreements generally entered into by investors under qualified financing; if the company agrees that these agreements are acceptable in a form that is reasonable to the purchaser. any declaration, downgrade or other payment relating to any of the company`s stock capital153s (excluding the stock reserve of capital provided for by this agreement and transaction documents), or any direct or indirect withdrawal, purchase or other acquisition by the company of these shares; Or the company complied with and complied with all existing environmental laws in all respects, with the exception of offences that, individually or as a whole, would not have a significant negative effect. No claim is ed to or, to the company`s knowledge, threatened against the company in accordance with environmental legislation, which would reasonably lead to a fine, fine or other obligations, costs or costs that would have a significant negative effect; And there are no events, conditions, circumstances, activities, practices, practices, practices, incidents, acts or plans that can prevent or justify or justify compliance with environmental legislation, except in all cases, individually or as a whole, as this has no or would not have significant negative effects. 3. ISSUING TRANSFORMATION DOCUMENTS. Subject to Section 2, as soon as possible after the conversion of this note, the company is required, at its own expense, to be issued in the name of the registered holder and delivered to the registered holder; a share certificate or share capital certificates and/or additional instruments for processing securities to which the registered holder is entitled in such a transformation (with legends required by the current U.S. states and by government and federal securities laws in the appropriate opinion of the company`s legal counsel, by the certificate of creation or by the company`s statutes, or by an agreement between the company and the registered owner). This transformation is considered to be carried out on the day the eligible holder concludes the financing and registration and is treated for all uses as record holders of these processing titles. No fractions are issued when this note is processed. If, if not, a fraction of a share were to be converted, the company would pay, instead of a fraction, the present value of that fraction, calculated on the basis of the applicable processing price.