Svvea Master Agreement

In many of the activities I have participated in as a teacher and community member, I have had to make agreements, often with total consensus. I know it takes a lot of time and sometimes frustration, but I have seen that a compromise, even if it adapts to the basic “rules and requirements,” can be achieved creatively and well-intentioned work on all sides. I think I can be fair and impartial, because I had to train to organize the elections every year for both SVVEA and twice for the CEA. For example, during this last election cycle, I tried very hard to get contributions from all sides – first of all to listen to NPR/CPR for my messages, but also MSNBC and Fox to hear what each page said on different topics. I rarely sponsored or share digital content, and never did something I didn`t record on a fact-checking site like Snopes. Most of the time, I`m the one who “calms the space.” I do not accept alternative facts, but I recognize that everyone has a series of unique experiences that influence their argument, including me. Here is the link to the Times Call article on the school board`s public meeting last night. Next week, AEC staff and leaders will come to an asS capacity assessment and we will look for the facts 12-15 October. We are committed to being strong and advocating for the reintroduction of a lost stage and 3%.

I believe that all citizens deserve fair representation, regardless of income, colour, inheritance, religion or party membership. I think Gerrymandering is still wrong. One of my favorite units as a student was a simulation of the redistricting of an artificial city. I enjoyed working with other people who advocate different interests to solve this problem. I feel like I can listen to others and work creatively to create right solutions. Sen. Abel Tapia 303-866-2581 Sen. Al White 303-866-2586 Sen. Keith King 303-866-4880 Sen.

Bob Bacon 303-866-4841 Sen. Rollie Heath 303-866-4872 Sen. Moe Keller 303-866-2585 Sen.