Workout Anytime Agreement Number

Troy,Our goal is to provide the best possible service in our region. I am pleased to hear that this is being done for you. Thank you so much for the positive comments! Happy workouts! Once you have met our team and have had the opportunity to verify the FDD, you will join our team by signing a franchise agreement. Welcome aboard! I knew I would probably only be a member for a few months, so I remembered the friendly at my office, who told me there was an 800 number to call if I wanted to cancel. A few days ago, I went back to the gym to get that number. It turns out that Anytime Workout is one of many gyms where back-office billing is paid by a company called ABC Financial of Sherwood, Arkansas. They offer gym management software for a number of customers in the industry. Please check your membership agreement. It will refer to the details related to the reflection procedures of the registered club. If you still have questions, just contact your club for special cancellation instructions. Cancellations are not accepted through this website. A few years ago, I wanted to cancel a subscription to L.A. Fitness, and it was a matter of sending all the rigamarole, an official letter, to write and pay in the mail to send it to the certified mail.

The phone employee then gave me my contract number and told me to send an email with that number and other account identifying information to ABC Financial. . Dana, thanks for the positive comments here and if I haven`t said it yet, WELCOME! We appreciate you! If you need something, let one of our employees know. You will be invited to our head office or regional market to meet the team and visit a few clubs. Sounds simple??? Still, I was doubtful that things were going so well, based on past experience of terminating gymnastics contracts. . Yes, most clubs have the option of offering hydromassage after busy hours for premium members. They are encouraged to speak to our current franchise partners for their unique experience of joining the Anytime training family. . One way or another, it was an asset to the consumer! If only everything were so simple in life… And if you want to do business with a gym that you know will be easy to cancel if you wish, ABC Financial lists the following information as customers on its website: . We have sites in the continental United States.

Yes, a replacement can be purchased from your original club for $5. With the Workout Anytime app, you can save a virtual copy of your key tags for Club Check-in. During our introductory appeal, we will look at all the basics, such as our business model and your objectives, to see if we would be well matched. . Ellenwood, Hudson Bridge, Lovejoy, McDonough, Stockbridge GA I`ll be working for about eight months, they have friendly staff and the gym is incredibly clean. My coach is Brenna, she`s very fun, and she knows what she`s doing, with her help, I`ve got my target. It`s nice to invest in me for a change. THANK YOU WORK OUT ANY TIME. Yes, one of the best things about a training membership is that you can train at any club with more than 100 clubs across the country, whether you`re on vacation or on vacation or just want to try new facilities. At Workout Anytime, we believe you will become members of each of our clubs if you become a member of your home club. It`s called our reissue policy, and one of the things that makes anytime training unique in the industry.

Some restrictions may apply. Of course, your results may vary if you try to terminate a fitness contract. But that was my experience. But to my surprise, the process was simpler than I could have imagined! Yes, you can freeze your membership for up to 90 days: the auto response did not really reassure me despite the promise to recover me within 48 hours.