2 Year Agreement Sprint

I`m trying to figure out why Sprint told me I couldn`t make a two-year contact anymore, but is it still available on Apple`s website for sprint iPhones? Sprint, like other airlines, has stopped the possibility of upgrading via subsidies (discounts with a 2 yr agreement). Dano reports that Sprint`s decision to reintroduce two-year contracts and subsidized equipment prices that allow it is most likely a step to remove the carrier from its competitors. The strength of this plan remains to be seen, however, as airlines have pulled out of two-year contracts, with most Americans not seeming to like them very much. AT&T and Verizon have been offering installation plans in addition to two-year contracts for years, and both have found that customers` installation plans largely prefer two multi-year contracts. But Mike Dano reports for Fierce Wireless that Sprint reintroduced two-year contracts just a month after the option was removed, supposedly to give users more choice on how they pay for their smartphones. I started looking at other plans when I knew I wasn`t going to receive subsidized phone offers anymore, so why the higher prices in the plan are playing. Every year, when I could get a phone subsidized at 0.99 cents on Black Friday, the slightly higher planning costs were acceptable.