Nzei Collective Agreement Resignation

Your school will ask you for a grant via Novopay. You can find more information about the subsidy in your employment contract. If you are a member of NZEI, call 0800 693 443 for more information about your rights in the corresponding collective agreement. For more information on parental leave, see the employment contract of an employee whose conditions must be respected. Parental leave rights are defined as follows in collective agreements: if you are a member of the NZEI, you will refer to the corresponding part of your collective agreement. What is the jury`s claim and how does it work? Termination of the employment relationship What is my notice period? If I resign, will I be paid during the holidays? Discharge What is the difference between short-term and long-term discharge and what is the impact on my payment? Breaks What is my claim to rest, morning tea and lunch? Classroom outing time What do I need to know about the time of exit in the classroom? If you qualify for the payment of parental leave, it is paid through the tax authorities. You must therefore apply for this payment and your school must confirm that you are entitled to parental leave. . Parental leave is granted by the Parental Leave and Employment Protection Act 1987. You can only get the subsidy if you have been approved for maternity leave or if you have resigned due to pregnancy or adoption. If you are not a member, you can join NZEI online or call 0800 NZEI HELP (0800 693 443) for membership information. Unit Allocation Guidelines What should I keep in mind when developing a Unit Allocation Directive? Learn more about parental leave. Parental leave consists of four types of leave.

It applies to a biological mother, her partner/spouse and persons adopting a child under 6 years of age. However, for primary school teachers and school heads, parental leave is not taken into account in extending the right to leave. They could therefore take 22 weeks of parental leave before the baby is born, and then take a full 52 weeks of extended leave. They should address the IRD to discuss simultaneously the possible tax implications of the payment of maternity allowance and paid parental leave allowances. If you have unpaid parental leave during a school year, your leave pay will be reduced (an adjustment to leave pay) based on the total number of days without payment that year. For the population as a whole, the three main elements should be maternity, special leave and extended leave up to a maximum of 52 weeks. In other words, when a woman takes 22 weeks of maternity leave, normally taken before the baby is born, the maximum “extended leave” is then 30 weeks (52 to 22). On the MBIE website, you will find out how to apply for parental allowances. Primary school leaders (school heads and teachers) who have had a baby or adopted a child can apply for parental allowance. .

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