Agreement Features

We found in the previous section that by taking into account the subclassification information of the main category, we can express more generalizations about the properties of verbs. Another characteristic of this type is the following: expressions of category V are headings of sentences of category VP. In the same way, the heads of […]

Agent In A Facility Agreement

This interpretation was supported by a provision stating that “the obligations of the agent according to the financial documents are exclusively mechanical and administrative”. It would be incompatible with that provision to require the intermediary to take a substantive and valued decision as to the absence of a breach after the fact. Torre Asset […]

Accor Hotels Franchise Agreement

The existing hotel is Pritax Invest`s first in Sibiu. The group`s other two hotels in the city are the Golden Tulip Ana Tower, inaugurated in 2008, and the Golden Tulip Ana Dome in Cluj-Napoca, inaugurated in 2009. In cases of franchise and management, the parties may agree on an additional service. Most hotel groups […]

2 Year Agreement Sprint

I`m trying to figure out why Sprint told me I couldn`t make a two-year contact anymore, but is it still available on Apple`s website for sprint iPhones? Sprint, like other airlines, has stopped the possibility of upgrading via subsidies (discounts with a 2 yr agreement). Dano reports that Sprint`s decision to reintroduce two-year contracts […]