Service Level Agreement Website Development

* The “Basic Monthly Service Fee” consists exclusively of the monthly base fee paid by the Customer for the relevant World Wide Myanmar service and excludes all other fees that may be charged to the Customer, including, by way of example and not limited to, furnishing costs, local loop fees, space rental fees, costs for additional services such as managed services, incremental bandwidth usage, or hard drives; that go beyond what is available at no additional cost under the standard rates of World Wide Myanmar, hourly assistance and other types of optional additional services. 3. Summary of LTC from around the world for Myanmar d. When you request technical support, you will understand and agree that any changes we make to resolve your technical support issue may affect the functionality of your site and/or service. The term “uptime” refers to the percentage of a calendar month that we measure, during which the content of the third-party customer`s website is accessible via HTTP and/or HTTPS. Unique Web Design Inc. is pleased to support its web hosting services with this Service Level Agreement (SLA). This SLA is included in the customer`s agreement with us and is part of it. Terms that are not defined in this SLA are defined in the Agreement. The appeals set forth in this SLA constitute Customer`s sole and exclusive remedy for issues covered by the SLA.

While we don`t change this SLA arbitrarily, we can do so from time to time. If we change this SLA, we will notify the customer (for example. B by e-mail or notification in the customer control panel). The communication shall indicate the date of entry into force of all amendments. It is important that the customer completely checks the SLA. one. We have a “zero 9” guarantee with our Reliant hosting service because there is not 9 in 100%. We guarantee 100% uptime for all websites in our Reliant hosting plan.

For every hour (or fraction) you experience a compensable breakdown, we refund 1 day of accommodation fees. Planned maintenance work is not included in the calculation of the monthly operating life. i. Some of our website maintenance and hosting plans may contain certain hours of web design and development that apply only to subscribers to these services. 15. DAMAGES 15.1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the DG is not liable to the client for delays in the completion of a project. 15.2 The DG is not responsible to the customer for the performance of a website, database or other entity/service developed/set up for the customer. f. We may refuse any request that requires changes that negatively impact our ability to provide our services or that are not related to it.

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