Tcdsb Collective Agreement 2018

It`s easy to say bad luck, stop complaining, everyone pays. The council says he needs the money. blames the Ford government for the cuts and demands for efficiency improvements. With 16,255 employees (latest figures on the TCDSB site for 2017-2018) for 195 legal school days, the distribution of US$10 could bring in a potential of US$31,697,250 $US. Of course, not all employees will go to work. Those who do will not be happy. Access your local collective agreement and provincial settlement protocol in 2015. Patricia Minnan-Wong, president of the Basic Theatres of Toronto (TECT), suggested in an interview that the surprise levy would at least appear to be a violation of the collective agreement and the collective bargaining process. Bi-weekly updates on the progress of local negotiations in OECD units across the province. We offer more than 45 courses in 19 departments. Click here to select the course that meets your needs. The salary grid adjustment of 2% for all ETT members, guaranteed by the ETFO Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), entered into force on 1 September 2014. Please note that salary grid assistance for years of service and/or qualifications is governed by the contract imposed on members by Bill 115 and which is reflected in our salary after the 97th day of the school year.

This may change depending on the negotiations at the central table between ETFO and the government. TORONTO – It`s the board of directors that “can`t pull exactly,” the one “that keeps coming in,” the one that “just doesn`t seem to be doing well.” Whatever popular idiomatic expression is used to express mis direction and general rules, it seems to apply to the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB). You have questions, we have answers. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our QA courses. Some QA courses will continue to be offered in a face-to-face format. Meanwhile, executives are engaged in exercises aimed at ensuring a compensation package for senior executives, which rewards them with an increase. The financial measures approved at Tuesday`s meeting will increase the Director`s discretionary fund (“pocket change”) to $US 100,000 per year. His salary was US$270,000 last year. This Salary Grid will enter into force on 1 September 2014. Sign up with your email address and membership number to keep up to date with the latest trading information. She was measured in her words. The sum corresponds [to an almost immediate salary reduction of 2% for teachers on the highest pay table; 4% to 5% for causing teachers, those in the lower half of the salary scale and for auxiliaries.

The maneuver costs them at least US$1,950 per year. Teachers` unions, both rank-and-file and secondary, have already launched the legal challenge procedure if the TCDSB does not stop the measure. The Director, Rory Mc Guckin, approves the agenda with President Maria Rizzo and Vice President Mike Del Grande (whose content is discussed for approval). At the time of the letter, the TCDSB was still in general assembly to approve or reverse the decisions taken at that meeting. As noted on these pages, on Tuesday, June 11, at a special meeting of the TCDSB, administrators approved a financial plan that would charge a fee of $10 per day for the privilege of parking at any TCDSB facility. . . .