The American Colonies And Their Government Lesson 3 Disagreements With Great Britain

Question traditional religious authority, the power to make others obey. Enlightenment leaders asked people to question political authority. These social and political movements have created a strong spirit of freedom, of personal freedom. The settlers thought that Parliament should protest against their rights. Parliament and the king made laws for the settlers. The settlers had little participation in Parliament and in the election of leaders. Lesson 1: Influences on U.S. Colonial Government Objectives: Compare influences from Ancient Greece, the Roman Republic, the Judeo-Christian tradition, Magna Carta, Federalism, the Mayflower Pact, the English Bill of Rights, the House of Burgesses, and the Petition of Rights to the U.S. Government. Explain the essential features of the U.S. political system, including the organization and function of political parties and the process of selecting political leaders 8 Lesson 1: Influences on U.S.

colonial governmentRepresentative Democracy: Selected leaders govern for the people. (large population) The Republic is a government based on representative democracy. The United States is a republic. The world`s first Republic was founded in ancient Rome, when the Romans overthrew their king (509 v.C.) and a Senate took control of the government. The members of the Senate were chosen from Rome`s wealthy upper class, the Patricians. Senators chose two consuls to lead the government. The two consuls had to give their consent. Everyone had a veto. The ordinary citizens of Rome, plebejer, obtained 287B.C.

after a long struggle for equality. 40 Lesson 3: Disagreements with the UKLesson Review: Write a sentence describing the relationship between a boycott and a lift. Write a sentence that shows how the words duty and contraband are related. (Refer to the sentences about the information in this section.) 32 Lesson 3: Disagreements with Britain New Laws and Taxes King George decided that the colonists had to pay for the war, because they provoke it. Issued a proclamation, an official statement that forbade settlers to settle in countries won by France. Parliament passed the Stamp Act. Settlers were asked to buy and put tax stamps on many documents – legal papers, newspapers. The settlers boycotted, refused to buy British goods. Colonial leaders organized a Stamp Act convention to write a protest to Parliament and the king. Annulled, annulled, Stamp Act passed declaration law – Parliament had the right to tax the colonies and make decisions for them 28 Lesson 3: Disagreements with BritainVocabulary: Proclamation of freedom Boycott Repeal of the obligation Smuggling Delegated debate on authority 41 Chapter 2 Review Create a network to compare early governments, documents and enlightened thinkers with the Declaration of Independence.

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