Visiting Forces Agreement Philippines

Paradoxically, the fatal blow for the VFA could come from Washington itself and not from Manila. Asked about his thoughts on Dutertes` denunciation of the deal, Trump replied: “I don`t mind if they want to do it. It will save a lot of money. . My point of view is different from others.┬áTrump`s statement underscores his general lack of esteem for international agreements and alliances in favor of his “America First” policy. The two leaders, however, spoke on April 19 and it was unclear whether the VFA appeared. Whatever happens, the fate of the VFA will determine the tone of the Alliance, at least for the rest of Dutertes` term until 2022, if not beyond. Many people in the Philippines, especially in the defense and foreign policy establishment, want the VFA to continue. On 6 February 2020, Mr Teodoro Locsin, Minister of Foreign Affairs, said:.